2022 AFLW S7 Retail Indigenous Guernsey - Youth

Was: $110.00
Now: $55.00
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t tells the story of our Club coming together at our new home, Brighton Homes Arena. It’s about what our club has taken to get to where we are now, a new dawn, new journeys and great opportunities for the younger generations.

It was important to me to reflect everyone that makes up the foundation of our club in my design.

The AFL team is represented in the design because for the first time, our teams won’t be separated by training grounds and facilities – we’ll be working side by side.

The six circles along the top represent the foundations of our AFLW Program, and the remaining 6 foundation players.

The families, members and fans that support us week in, week out, are represented in the hands along the side of our guernsey.

Together with Ally Anderson and Dakota Davidson our totems footprints run along the bottom of the design.

There are seven stars on the right-hand side, one for each AFLW Season.

The most important thing to our club is our culture, so to design a guernsey that reflects that and our future together is something I’m really pr

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